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Tim Anderson aids clients in the purchase or sale of hotels and motels throughout Western Canada. Buying a hospitality business requires a specialized skillset. He works in this market utilizing a conservative approach with the end goal in mind.

His practice is built on:
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Attention-to-detail

Tim begins each property purchase or sale by assessing the client’s needs, goals and other requirements.

  • For purchases, he then researches properties that will yield good and increasing cash flow and provide long term capital appreciation.
  • For sales he targets the appropriate buyers markets.

Hotels and motels that Tim has listed or sold, either on his own or with associates range from $500,000 to $25,000,000.

Tim's Tips

We are launching the Tim’s Tips newsletter to provide clients with the latest hotel and motel industry commercial real estate news. It will keep subscribers up-to-date about the Hotel Industry in Calgary and area.

April 2, 2019

Direct From Tim’s Tablet

I will periodically share tips about recent hotel and motel news for Alberta. Please check my website for updates throughout the year!

Hot Market

Canmore continues to be the hottest market in Alberta with few properties available for sale. A recent 1.7 Acre land sale valued at $3 million did not complete.

  • The five acre Rundle Cabins property sold for $5  million last fall
  • The Pocaterra Best Western sold to major group Caribou Properties, Banff
  • The 99 room Holiday Inn sold for around $18 million

Calgary Market

In Calgary, with occupancy hovering around 61%, hoteliers are facing obvious challenges. Downtown Calgary and Edmonton are faring reasonably well. Some airport properties are maintaining their fair market share. 

We note that hotels north of the Calgary Airport are busy. Properties south of the airport have had to change their marketing strategies because there is no immediate access from the airport to Barlow Trail. 

Next Edition

In a future edition I’ll talk about smaller centres and rural markets. I’ll also include revealing information about Steady Eddie Manitoba! 

Tim Anderson
Chair—Hotel and Motel Sales Group, Calgary
Associate—Royal LEPAGE Solutions - Commercial
Principal—QUAD.5555 Inc.

What Clients Say

Thank you for your efforts in pursuing the acquisition of the Medicine Hat hotel on behalf of Lakeview Inns & Suites (Lakeview Group of Companies). Your professionalism and analytical approach was of great value in helping us to determine our best course of action. We look forward to continuing our working relationship that now extends over two decades.

Wayne A. Bollman, CPM
VP Chief Administrative Officer
Lakeview Inns & Suites (Lakeview Group of Companies)
Tim's Tips

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FOR SALE! — Leroy's Motor Inn
Strathmore, AB
FOR SALE - Leroy's Motor Inn, Strathmore, AB


FOR SALE! — Canada Grey Motor Inn,
Hanna, AB
FOR SALE - Canada Grey Motor Inn, Hanna, AB


SOLD! — DJ Motel, Fort Macleod, AB
FOR SALE - Motel, Ft. Macleod AB
SOLD! — Coast Hotel,
Medicine Hat, AB
SOLD! - Motel, Ft. Macleod AB


Tim Anderson has built an extensive network of resources necessary to provide high level commercial real estate services to his clients. He has been in the business for more than 30 years.

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