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Optimizing Your Investment is My Priority

Tim Anderson will work with you to assess your lease needs whether they are office, industrial or retail. Whether the economy is sailing on smooth waters or in the midst of troubled times, most business owners do not have time to search for their best leasing options.

Services we provide:
  • Market research
  • Competitive market comparison
  • Professional real estate advice
  • Negotiation
  • Final contract agreements
  • Follow up

Office Leasing

Calgary has 39.3 million square feet of downtown office space. It also has 22.6 million square feet of suburban office space across all property classes.

Over the course of his career Tim Anderson has represented clients to lease millions of square feet. Tim has leased millions of square feet over the course of his career and will provide the experience and knowledge to guide companies through the relocation process.  

Industrial Leasing

There are more than 118 million square feet of industrial property space in Calgary.  This highly specialized area requires high levels of competency to transact property deals to the satisfaction of all parties. Square feet by quadrant — Southeast - 53.6 million, Northeast - 29.7 million, Central - 25.3 million.

Retail Leasing

There are 33 million square feet of retail property space in Calgary. Tim will help you find the best fit for your business. When required, he can source additional specialists who have expertise in specific retail market areas.  

Commercial Leasing
Industrial Leasing
Industrial Leasing


What Clients Say

Tim Anderson always puts the needs of all parties involved in transactions ahead of his own. He is technically very astute.

Tim is patient, creative and highly knowledgeable. He is regarded as one of the truly “good guys” in the industry.

Andy Baxter,
Leasing Manager (Office Leasing)
Real Group of Companies and Yale Properties Ltd.

I have worked with Tim Anderson for the past 20 years and have only had positive experiences.

His professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm make it a pleasure to have an ongoing association with him.

Industrial Leasing
Gord Tate,
President (Industrial Condominium)
SynCon Management Ltd.

Tim Anderson is very thorough in identifying potential properties that reflect your required demographics and location. Tim gives his time, thought, and expertise to making the whole process as smooth as possible.  I recommend Tim Anderson.

Rob Heaton,
Cambrian Pharmacy

Tim Anderson has built an extensive network of resources necessary to provide high level commercial real estate services to his clients. He has been in the business for more than 30 years.

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